Are you going through a difficult phase in life or do you have other worries you feel woud be good to share with a professional? Perhaps someting in your own thinking is restricting you from fully enjoying life or progressing in your career or personal life. These could be deeply engraved irrational beliefs of not being good enough, or feeling worthless. Whether it’s an unwanted symptom, life event or other worries, feel free to contact me to book an appointment.


My name is Outi Olani and I am a fully qualified psychologist and EMDR therapist. I will be happy to see you at my therapy room in easily accessible address on Kasarmikatu 26 D 73, Helsinki.

The cost for a 60 min session is 145 €.

 Whether you wish to learn how to cope with stress, stay on the top or climb up the ladder in your own field, I’ll support you in reaching your goals with safe, evidence based psycological methods. Because we can’t ignore the fact, that whatever is going on in your life present and past, will influence your thinking, behaviour and performance in more ways than you are even aware of. The foundation of the work is in thorough psychological assessment and in use of integrative therapeutic methods.

 It may your first time ever seeing a psychologist or perhaps you have been to therapy before. Either way, you won’t need a doctor’s appointment or referral to get started. Simply contact me by email outi(at)outiolani.fi , call 📞 040 6727 441 or leave a message for more details and to book your appointment for this week or next week.


Wishing to have a top quality lecture or keynote for your international event? Psychology is a field that continues to fascinate with unlimited supply of interesting topics. We all benefit from deep psychological knowledge and understanding of dynamics behind our own behaviour

One of my favourite topics to talk about at the moment is the art of failing. 

Helping you to help yourself